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Gardiner Connections is founded by Tara Gardiner who has worked in numerous sales and marketing roles + industries for the past 16-years. Her in-depth experience ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, including those in the architectural and design community, fashion industry and with technical and specialty products as well as non-profits.  

Gardiner earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Marketing from Michigan State University and has studied at the University of London in England, Scotland and Ireland. 

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Meet Tara, Our Founder.

I am a creative entrepreneur helping people assemble their empire. As a business consultant + coach, I specialize in branding, sales and marketing strategies. I believe in the importance of positivity, setting goals + intentions coupled with inspired action to create the best versions of our businesses and ourselves. 

My diverse background and professional expertise helps individuals and businesses in the journey of entrepreneurship. I utilize creative approaches and unique strategies to help create and build brands. I am skilled at providing structure, support and accountability for my clients. As a skilled writer, I enjoy writing on a variety of topics through blog posts, press releases, case studies to website and marketing content. 

I believe in the power of collaboration; I love connecting people and resources.

I enjoy teaching people; helping them evolve both personally and professionally. Hosting an array of workshops as well as speaking engagements, I help inspire and educate on a variety of topics from “Manifesting Your Brand” to “Goal Setting + Intentions” to positivity, personal branding and entrepreneurship. 

I am grateful for the abundant life I continue to create. Personally, I am certified in Yoga Energy Medicine, travel this beautiful earth whenever possible, hike, and enjoy love from my two four-legged canine assistants. I am passionate about advocating for mother earth, inspired by her magic and recharge my creative juices often in nature. 

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