The Art of Business


Gardiner Connections brings an artwork of business to the canvas of your company, utilizing branding, sales and marketing strategies to create a masterpiece of success and profitability. 

As a professional consulting service for multiple sectors, Gardiner Connections connects people and resources. With expertise in branding, marketing and sales leadership, our firm maps a clear route for new and aspiring businesses, guiding them from launch to landing. Companies seeking growth opportunities can also benefit from an evaluation of their business strategies.

 Our expertise lends itself to supporting “solo-preneurs” to large corporations across many industries.  It fuels our creativity and diversified experience. We’ll keep you positive and provide support through the journey of entrepreneurship.

 Keep dreaming and we’ll help you manifest it into reality. Our customized branding and streamlining processes take the guesswork out of business and execute a concise vision for clients.   

Our philosophy entails bringing passion, creativity, open communication, positivity and ethical practices to the companies we serve.  

Let’s assemble your empire.  Ready?


Gardiner Connections provides an array of services meant to bridge the gap between your entrepreneurial team and real-world resources that result in overall financial success. Services include:

·      Business Consulting + Coaching

·   Brand Development and Strategy

·      Content Writing + Editing 

·      Customized Sales Strategy + Oversight

·      Event Planning + Execution

·      Goal Setting + Intentions

·      Marketing Planning + Execution

·      Media Communications + Public Relations Services

·      Personal Development Coaching

·      Website Copy + Project Management

·      Workshops

I believe in the power of collaboration; I love connecting people and resources so let's connect to discuss how we can support your growth!




Our creative business workshops are perfect for anyone who owns a business or is thinking of making a leap to entrepreneurship.  Again, we create an intimate environment for a group of creative entrepreneurs so each workshop is limited to 8-10 people.

Goal Setting + Intentions Workshop:   

Let's define your professional and personal goals and intentions together.  We'll assist you in organizing your goals into action through a series of exercises, discussion and support that shapes into an actionable plan.  Dream it and let's make it happen. 

Manifest Your Brand Workshop:  

Start the journey toward bringing your new brand to life – or rejuvenate your existing brand – through exercises, discussions and creative exploration. This 2-part creative workshop helps set the foundation of a brand both through visual representation and content. 

Ready, Set, RESET Workshop:  

There is a feeling or experience that is urging you to awaken change from within - a RESET in on the horizon. This workshop is an exploration of how to embrace this shift. We empower you through exercises, discussions and an introduction of mindfulness tools to help with the actions and intentions to evoke real change. Ready, set, RESET. 

Are you interested in hosting or attending one of our workshops? Please email



Speaking Engagements

·       "Define Your Personal Brand", Insperity Event, Los Angeles, CA, 2018

 ·      "An Evening of Intentions" Keynote, Detroit, MI, 2018

·       MiSHE Conference Keynote, Traverse City, MI, 2017

 ·      Detroit Design Talks, Detroit, MI, 2015

·      Craftcation Conference, Ventura, CA, 2015

·      Fresh Rag Podcast, Long Beach, CA, 2015

·      Craftcation Conference, Ventura, CA, 2014

·      Social Media Club LA Panel, Los Angeles, CA, 2014

·      Patchwork Show Magazine, 2014

·      Craftcation Conference, Ventura, CA, 2013

·      Women in the Pet Industry Conference, Portland, OR, 2013

·      Craftcation Conference, Ventura, CA, 2012



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